There are no designer coffee shops or cellular networks. When the engines are turned off, the only sounds you hear is nature

The White Continent

  • Thousands of Penguins
  • Tabular Icebergs
  • Scientific stations
  • Mesmerizing scenery
  • Seals
  • Polar Diving  & Snorkeling

With its overwhelming array of colours, moods, diverse wildlife and underwater world the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula is a paradise for everyone who enjoys adventures on both land and sea. The opportunity to be in the company of thousands of penguins, watching whales dolphins and seals, diving in an underwater world with a fascinating marine life, and zodiac cruising between brilliant white icebergs and ice floes will captivate and amaze.


Antarctica remains the last vast wilderness on earth. A continent encircled by pack ice, huge tabular icebergs and covered with an ice sheet miles deep. A beautiful mysterious place, enticing explorers, adventurers and dreamers over the decades. Remote, inhospitable and without permanent inhabitants. For many, perhaps, the most appealing aspect of Antarctica is its wildlife. Although there are only a few native species, those that have adapted to the harsh environment thrive in large numbers. Seals, whales and Penguin populations are counted in the tens of thousands in some rookeries.

I have been there, I have seen it, and I would go again.  It is like a little heaven below.

Sir Vivian Fuchs on Antarctica

Expeditions at this destination

Emperors & South Pole Safari

The ultimate Emperor Penguin Safari

The ultimate experience to fly into the heart of the Antarctic Continent and visit a unique Emperor penguin colony up close. A visit to the Geographical South Pole on top of it !

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90° South Pole overnight

Fly to the South Pole and camp overnight at the bottom of the world.

A true expedition at the bottom of the world ! Cold ? Yes, very cold, but you will find that with the right clothing and a little help from our staff, you will quickly settle in and enjoy life at the bottom of the world. What an experience !

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