High Arctic

The warm, soft glow of the midnight sun is a photographer's delight.


  • Narwhals
  • Beluga Whales
  • Polar Bears

In mid to late Spring (May/June) the sun is constantly shining. The sun shines high above at noon, and by 10PM the sun has sunk low on the western horizon and continues to seemingly skim across the tops of the distant mountain ranges until it reaches the eastern horizon, where it then begins to climb higher into the sky again. The warm, soft glow of the midnight sun is a photographer's delight.

Canadian High Arctic

The High Arctic is a paradise for wildlife lovers with ivory-tusked narwhal, grinning belugas, majestic bowhead whales and literally thousands of migratory birds.  You just need to know when and where to go. That is our expertise.  Our expert guides and local Inuit knowledge allow us to match ideal locations with the best time of year for the chance to get up close and personal with Arctic wildlife.

World-renowned amongst filmmakers as one of the most prolific areas for Arctic wildlife, our camp is literally on the ice floe edge surrounded by the best aspects of the High Arctic from crystalline icebergs to electric blue ice formations.

Being relaxed, patient and flexible are important attitudes to have in the High Arctic, where it should be expected that even the best laid plans sometimes need to change.

Nick Clegg

Expeditions at this destination

Baffin Island
Dive Safari

Enter a world unlike anything  you have ever imagined.

Imagine yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the midnight sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as narwhal pass by. This is the ultimate Arctic diving experience!

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Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari

Life at the Floe edge

Out on the floe edge of Baffin Island, surrounded by rugged mountains and stunning glaciers, our Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari will take you on an Arctic adventure like no other. Dramatic landscapes and the midnight sun welcome you to experience the beauty of the Canadian Arctic, 700 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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