South Pole

It is a place of beauty and mystery,
covered with ice miles deep.

fascinating, intriguing and challenging

  • The South Pole is located on glacier ice that moves approx 10 m per year
  • The ice sheet is 9350ft (2850m) thick
  • Lowest recorded temperature -117F (–83C) (June 1982)
  • Annual mean temperature -56F (–49C)
  • First person to arrive was Roald Amundsen, December 14, 1911

Experience the ultimate destination - the South Pole - where all 360 lines of longitude meet and in a few steps you can walk around the world

South Pole

South Pole - the holy grail of the early explorers and the lowest point on earth. It is a 2,400km flight over unexplored mountain ranges and the mighty High Polar Plateau.

One of the greatest stories in Antarctic exploration is the race to reach the Geographic South Pole. The heroic journeys of Amundsen and Scott still fascinate and inspire us to travel to the end of the Earth.

When the great Polar explorers, Amundsen and Scott, arrived at the South Pole a century ago, there was only the sound of the wind and an endless expanse of white stretching in all directions. Today the South Pole is a crossroads for modern adventurers and polar science. A simple marker and plaque designate the Geographic South Pole, while a substantial research station lies just a few steps away. Be prepared for extreme conditions at the South Pole Camp. Temperatures hover around -30°C and the physiological altitude (how high it feels!) is roughly 11,000 ft (3,300m).

Our expeditions to the South Pole vary from skiing, hiking, climbing, overnight expeditions and wildlife experiences.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tsu

Expeditions at this destination

Emperors & South Pole Safari

The ultimate Emperor Penguin Safari

The ultimate experience to fly into the heart of the Antarctic Continent and visit a unique Emperor penguin colony up close. A visit to the Geographical South Pole on top of it !

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90° South Pole overnight

Fly to the South Pole and camp overnight at the bottom of the world.

A true expedition at the bottom of the world ! Cold ? Yes, very cold, but you will find that with the right clothing and a little help from our staff, you will quickly settle in and enjoy life at the bottom of the world. What an experience !

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