Truly awe-inspiring experiences…

It’s not about the moments we breathe – it’s about the moments that take our breath away…

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French Polynesia Discovery

Such beauty is overwhelming and a dream come true

We explore the beautiful underwater world of French Polynesia during the top peak of the spawning groupers. A fantastic nature phenomena which attracts schools of big fish and sharks. But also island hopping, snorkeling and much more !

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Galapagos -Darwin and Wolf

The most spectacular pelagic diving on the planet!

This journey is an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Captain and to rediscover the unique underwater world in the Galapagos Islands. Our mission is to continue to inspire the future generations with the Cousteau legacy, and hope you join us to make this happen !

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White Shark Diving

These close encounters will get your adrenaline pumping!                                            Special Departure 04 - 09 NOV 2017

A thrilling underwater experience for divers and NON divers. Descending down in a cage for a natural and unforgettable interaction with White Sharks !

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Svalbard Adventure

A small group of travellers have the chance to experience a trip of a lifetime with the highlights of the Spitsbergen Archipelago. Diving, Snorkeling, Hiking and zodiac cruising. Polar bears, Walrus and pack ice. A true Arctic experience !

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Ultimate Fire & Ice  Iceland

Fire and Ice

For Explorers and Divers. Landcruising the snowy landscapes and diving the crystal clear waters of the Silfra Ravine or the  superheated vents of Strytan.A  full concept of  Icelandic exploration onland and diving that will take your breath away.

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Emperors & South Pole Safari

The ultimate Emperor Penguin Safari

The ultimate experience to fly into the heart of the Antarctic Continent and visit a unique Emperor penguin colony up close. A visit to the Geographical South Pole on top of it !

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North Pole Diving

The challenge of a life time

The biggest challenge of all: Diving at the Geographical North Pole. Only a handful of people ever dived at the North Pole.

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90° South Pole overnight

Fly to the South Pole and camp overnight at the bottom of the world.

A true expedition at the bottom of the world ! Cold ? Yes, very cold, but you will find that with the right clothing and a little help from our staff, you will quickly settle in and enjoy life at the bottom of the world. What an experience !

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Ski the last degree

Experience first-hand the challenges faced by early explorers as you journey by ski across the vast Antarctic landscape that is at the same time harsh, unforgiving and unimaginably beautiful.

Ski 60 nautical miles and reach the South Pole through your own efforts and the support of your team. Complete this polar challenge to stand at the most southerly point on Earth!

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Submarine Pilot Course

Dive into the deep ocean and explore !

The U-Boat Worx submersibles are the most advanced private submarines ever built which have set the standards for 21st century in underwater exploration. A unique opportunity is now available to operate your U-Boat Worx submersible yourself !

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Winter Whale Expedition Norway

A wildlife Phenomenon !

The largest gathering of Orca’s and Humpback whales in the world take place in the winter months in the Norwegian fjords. Join us for a snorkel and whale watching experience of a life time !

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Baffin Island Dive Safari

Enter a world unlike anything  you have ever imagined.

Imagine yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the midnight sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as narwhal pass by. This is the ultimate Arctic diving experience!

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Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari

Life at the Floe edge

Out on the floe edge of Baffin Island, surrounded by rugged mountains and stunning glaciers, our Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari will take you on an Arctic adventure like no other. Dramatic landscapes and the midnight sun welcome you to experience the beauty of the Canadian Arctic, 700 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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White Sea Ice Diving Expedition

True ice diving expedition in pristine wilderness

This expedition is a concept of adventure, wilderness and experiences. 

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Antarctica Polar Diving & Polar Snorkeling

A unique concept of  experiencing Antarctica. Above and below the surface.

Make your Antarctica experience completely unique and discover the wonders of the Southern Ocean. Join our Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling activity and enjoy the crystal clear waters with macro life and fascinating walls of ice.

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A wilderness adventure you'll never forget!

Puffins flap in with beaks full of fish. A million little auks rise like smoke and darken the sky. Polar bears hunt seals to fatten their cubs and whales swim north to feed.

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