North Pole Diving

Only a select few make it each year,
let alone diving there.

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diving at the top of the world

  • Ice Diving
  • Geographical North Pole

Here is a unique chance to add your name to the short list of adventurers who have made the ultimate journey to the top of the world. An even shorter list of adventurers have ever dived at the Geographical North Pole !

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Diving at the Geographical North Pole

For an adventurous and select group of very experienced divers, we offer the ultimate diving experience: Diving at the Geographical North Pole.
Diving at the North Pole is challenging and requires special training. No more than a handful of people in the world have ever dived at the North Pole. The North Pole expedition means bumpy flights, camp life in extreme cold.
But also unforgettable diving among castles under the ice that go down dozens of metres in the fantastically clear water. The impressions from this demanding adventure will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This unique Diving Expedition to the North Pole is only for divers with serious experience of ice diving. The expedition will require the concentrated efforts of all the participants for the performance of valuable, interesting and safe diving at the closest point possible to the North Pole.

Even today, reaching the North Pole is a difficult and challenging journey. Only a select few make it each year, let alone diving there

M. Safonov, Expedition Dive Leader

Sample Itinerary

Please note that the expedition is highly dependant on weather, ice, technical and other conditions and the program can change without previous notice. Final dates will determined closer to departure, but in any case in the window of April.
Anticipating to your North Pole extreme dive adventure you are required to do a training with your fellow participants and dive leader during an Ice diving experience in the White Sea.

Diving Conditions

The diving takes place in natural leads (linear areas of open water) at least 20 m wide, or in a maina cut into young ice about half a metre thick. The diving is done in buddy teams. Each diver ties the safety rope around his/her waist and holds it, having wrapped it once around his/her hand. A tender on the surface holds the rope, and the end is secured by an ice-screw. At least 5 people are involved in each dive: two underwater and three on the surface (two tenders and one ice monitor). The maximum permissible dive depth is 20 m.
Water temperature at the dive sites in April ranges from -1C to -1.8C. and is thousands of metres deep. The divers are surrounded by ice blocks that go down 10 m or more under the sea. 

Day 1

Meet with the group in Longyearbyen, receive and try on special climatic clothing and individual tourist equipment (sleeping bags, etc.). AN-74 Flight from Longyearbyen to Barneo ice camp, situated on drifting ice approximately 100 km from the Geographic North Pole.

Day 2

Mi-8 helicopter will fly you to Geographic North Pole. Choosing closest to the Pole suitable place for the camp, putting the camp, preparing place for diving.

Days 3-4

Diving at the North Pole, 1-2 dives per day dependant on weather conditions and members of the expedition health state.

Day 5 

Curtailment of the camp and return to Barneo ice camp by Mi-8 helicopter.

Day 6  

Flight from Barneo to Longyearbyen.

Those who wish may extend the programme with additional dives near the ice airfield, between their return from the Pole and their departure for Longyearbyen. In this case, the programme will be extended by several days.

Combination with the programme: Skiing the Last degree upon request.

Camp at the North Pole

2 tents with gas heaters are set up next to the dive site. In one, which contains all the gear, the divers get changed. The other has a gas stove to prepare hot meals, coffee and tea. In this tent, the divers rest after their activity diving, eat and drink hot drinks.

Dates & Rates

Please contact us for availabiltiy and price


This expedition will start not earlier that April, 1 and finish before April, 30.

Individual expedition dates upon request.


Indication of price:  from EUR 34.900 

All participants should meet the following requirements

• Be a certified PADI ICE DIVER or have another internationally accepted certificate that confirms your skills in no less volume than PADI ICE DIVER requires. Complete at least 100 dives with minimum 40 dry suit and 20 ice dives;
• Be familiar with main diving skills required for Ice Diver PADI course (be able to clean the mask out of water; change the main regulator to the reserve one and vice versa; tap into the buddy reserve regulator; conduct an emergency rising to the surface breathing by means of the buddy reserve regulator; control one's buoyancy; communicate with the buddy and with the tender; use safety halyard; be able to overturn upside down under ice and getting back to the standard position; to work out plan of a dive; orientate oneself under ice);
• Be ready to demonstrate the above mentioned skills;
• Complete training in the Arctic Circle diving center on the White Sea with no less than 10 ice dives in period less than 2 months before expedition departure. This training should be made fully in equipment set that one plans to use in the expedition (exception can be made for weights – on the Pole you will need approximately 2 kg more than on the White Sea due to  water salinity difference);
• Be ready for hard physical effort and ready to follow the expedition discipline;
• Have an interview with North Pole expedition leader;

* Those who do not have experience of ice diving or an ICE DIVER PADI certificate, and plan to take course at the Dive Centre during the training programme must have a certification level no lower than Advanced OWD, and must have performed 9 registered open-water dives, including one practising underwater navigation skills.

Package includes

- flights by AN-74 Longyearbyen – Barneo - Longyearbyen
- flights by Mi-8 helicopter Barneo – North Pole - Barneo
- luggage allowance – 40 kg per person (excess luggage surcharge – 20 euro per kg) 
- Accommodation (FB) in Barneo ice camp in heated tents

- Personal set of climatic clothing (coat, hat, gloves, boots, trousers) 
- Accommodation in expedition tents, sleeping bags, primus stoves with fuel, and other expedition equipment 
- All meals on the North Pole 
- Safeguarding of security and connection 
- Organization of diving in the point maximum close to the Geographic North Pole (from several meters to several kilometers dependent on ice conditions) 
- Providing weights, tanks, compressor for filling the tanks, filling the tanks 
- Support and help of dive guide with the North Pole diving experience
- Support and help of guide with life support with the North Pole experience 
- A week of ice-diving and accomodation in the Arctic Circle dive centre, White Sea, Russia (6 days, 7 nights, 2 dives per day, no flights included)

Not included in the package

- Flights to Oslo and Longyearbyen
- Accommodation in Oslo and Longyearbyen
- Excess luggage surcharge on Longyearbyen – Barneo – North Pole – Barneo – Longyearbyen flights (more then 40 kg).

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