Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore

André Gide

Polar Snorkeling Information

A once in a lifetime trip, a visit to see unimaginable wildlife
-Why then, not see all of it ?

Make your polar experience complete with Polar Snorkeling ! An exciting activity for everybody interested in the fascinating scenery below the ice in polar waters. From seals and penguins to small critters and anenomes, giant isopods and colourfull seastars. Ideal for tropical divers with no cold water diving experience and snorkel enthusiasts.

Waterproof Expeditions exclusively offers Polar Snorkeling in Antarctica and the Arctic. A Polar experience is more than the scenery and animals above the ice – make your experience completely unique and take a Polar Snorkelling tour! Touch the sculptured beauty of an iceberg and differentiate your Antarctic or Arctic experience. Imagine floating in clear blue water with unlimited visibility, through a strange and wonderful underwater landscape not found anywhere else on the planet. Discover for yourself the amazing mobility and speed penguins entering (and exiting) the water. Watch ice descend into the fathomless clear deep and imagine all the wonders the Polar Oceans hold. Passengers who take part in the snorkel activity will enjoy the opportunity to snorkel daily (weather dependant), taking delight in sheltered bays, off shore islands and secluded ship wrecks which make for spectacular wildlife viewing.

The Waterproof Polar Snorkel package includes:

Waterproof© D9 Snorkel Drysuit
Waterproof© 10 mm Polar Evoluted Hood
Waterproof© 7 mm G1 Mittens
Waterproof© B5 Marine Boots

Fins, Snorkel and Mask (though we recommend to bring your own)
Bring with you: Warm undergarment clothing i.e. fleece/wool sweater, pants and socks.

Requirements for Polar Snorkeling

If you like to participate in the Polar Snorkel activity we advise you to have some previous snorkel experience.
You do not need to have any (scuba) diving experience.

Bad eyesight? Since you are wearing snorkeling / dive goggles to see underwater there can be nothing in the way of the seal to keep them from filling up with water. That is, you cannot wear glasses underneath the goggles. You will have to go without them, wear eye lenses or bring your own goggles with prescription.

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